Finding College Housing Sucks…

If you’ve been through half-complete renovations, evections notices, scary roommates, amazing roommates, and horrific relators then you've been a tenant of college housing.

My college rental experience has been anything but seamless as most college students. Looking for housing actually feels like the world is ending in a burning fire while running around from house to apartment to trap house until you finally find somewhere you want to live.

Finally, the gates will open and a bright light shines down onto the perfect place for you to call home. But, before you get too excited, you better sprint to the realtor’s office to sign your lease before someone else beats you there!

Signing a lease will lift that weight off your shoulders and you have now found the perfect home!

Fast forward to move-in week; a time for celebrations or crying if the house was left in a mess and renovations aren’t done…

Happy house hunting!