Definitive Ranking of the Worst Ways Boys Use Snapchat

You know when you’re trying to snap a guy you like, and suddenly they fall off the face of the earth? So annoying, right? Well, I got together with some of my besties and we made a definitive ranking of all the Snapchatting mistakes boys are guilty of.

1. Snaps that Aren't His Face

We don't care what your ceiling, lamp, or TV looks like, dude. That’s not why we’re snapping you. We took time to look nice, why can't you reciprocate?


2. Mass Snap

We all know that guy who sends the same picture to you and a bunch of other girls. He snaps a cute selfie and then goes down the list of literally all the girls in his contacts. It’s even better when you and your friends open his snap at the same time only to find out he sent the exact same picture. Are we just a number to you?


3. Unsolicited Shirtless Pics

We were just trying to get to know you. Don’t escalate this so quickly. Major turn off.

4. Doesn’t snap back for 16+ Hours

What is he doing with all that time he’s spending not responding to you? As if anything is more important than snapping you back. C’mon dude, we live in the 21st century where people respond within 20 minutes. Sort out your priorities.


5. Opening Up the App But Not Responding

It’s a modern myth that responding in a timely manner is uncool. Swallow your pride and snap us back before we go crazy agonizing about it. Your location on SnapMaps says “just now” but our snap to you still says “delivered 7 hours ago”.

6. With Other Chicks

This is the worst. We don’t want to see you cuddling with other girls. Please get this out of our faces.


In conclusion, not all boys are guilty of these faux pas, and there are certainly those who have it all figured out. We just wish guys would be a little more considerate when Snapchatting us. It’s really not much to ask, and it’s the little things that can make all the difference.