Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This very Christmas season

I'm very quite stressed out

For this time is very busy

Let me tell you all about


Finals are approaching

I’m pulling out my hair

Group projects are traumatic,

There are textbooks everywhere.


Exams are quickly coming

I still have yet to study

And the homework keeps piling

While the bottom line is muddy.


Now its 3am, I'm tired

What day is it even now?

Somehow I lost my backpack

I don't even quite know how.


The deadline is tomorrow

For a 10 page paper due

I've only got two letters

Can I still make it through?


But soon it will be over

The books will be put down

Christmas will be here

With snow here on the ground.


The fireplace with stockings

We’ll be with family

Cookies on the table

With presents under the tree.


So happy, happy holidays

With all things Christmas galore

I wish you a merry time

From my family to yours!