Can't Tame the Mane? No Problem With OGX Hair Products

If any of you have a head full of curls, you may know the struggle of finding products to tame the mane. For years I have struggled finding a product that holds my curls, minimizes the frizz and doesn’t make my curls hard as a rock. I have tried styling gel, I have tried foaming mousse, leave in conditioner and everything else under the sun. Nothing seemed to get me the look that I had been searching for, until now.

            Getting frustrated one day with how bad the humidity was making my hair frizz, I started an online search to find the best products for curly hair. I was finding highly recommended products that seemed like they would be perfect, but I had to remind myself, I am in college and cannot afford these high end products. I was discouraged that I would be breaking the bank just to avoid frizzy hair.

So I set off to Walmart just to pick up some random products, hoping to god that one of them would work. I scoured the aisles, seeing what my options were. I was looking for anything that said “for curly hair.”

I came across these products from OGX. The ones I ended up purchasing were the Coconut Curling Butter, Coconut Curling Milk, and Coconut Oil Spray. Each about $5.00, so making it very affordable. And they have changed my hair game forever.

The Coconut Curling Butter can be used in the shower or after as a leave in conditioner. This feature is totally user-based. I use it in the shower, and use the Coconut Curling Milk after my shower. To use the Curling Butter in the shower, after your normal shampooing/conditioning routine, take a small about and rub in your hands. Not standing under the water, then work the butter through your hair from your roots to your ends. Then, let it sit in your hair for about 3-5 minutes. (During this time I typically wash my body, shave, and put on a private concert). Then just rinse your hair out and you’re done!

If you choose to use it after your shower, lightly towel dry your hair. However, with curly hair, it is much better to use a micro-fiber towel or a simple t-shirt, which is what I typically use. Then in damp hair, take a small amount onto your hands and work the product through your hair from roots to ends.

This is the same procedure that I use for the Coconut Curling milk after my shower. I like using the Curling Milk after my shower because it’s a lighter product. I work it through my combed, damp hair and it keeps my curls together and hydrated all day. Everyone will develop their own routine, but my routine typically goes as follows;

In the shower: shampoo, condition, let curling butter set, rinse out

After shower: towel dry hair, comb out, let air dry for a few minutes, work curling milk through my hair

I also bought the Coconut Oil Spray for days that my hair is extra dry, I just spritz a little onto the ends of my hair and then a little upwards. I work it through my hair but I do not put it in my roots! This may make your hair appear greasier than it is.

Though these products are affordable, another option is simply coconut oil! Just work some of that through your curls after a shower and it will work wonders. Coconut oil is a great affordable way to tame the mane.

If you have struggled finding products that help with your head of curls, I definitely recommend trying out the OGX Curling products.