The In-Between Moments

I recently have been thinking over the cliche “it’s the little moments that make life big.” It’s one that I, myself, have preached—but more importantly, a cliche that I believe wholeheartedly. 

In my boredom that is this winter weather, I decided to type up quotes on my typewriter, and one that I’ve hung in my room is, “When did my life become a series of countdowns?”

The concept of time has been on my mind ever since my new semester began. I always seem to be reaching for what’s next—whether that’s summer, a new semester, graduation. But lately, I’ve felt content. And I thought I’d share the reasons why. 

First off, I’ve made more goals than normal. Instead of thinking of them as New Years resolutions (that never last), I thought of realistic changes I could make within my life. 

Being honest with myself has contributed to my happiness recently, and keeping up with my goals has helped. But, if you don’t quite reach your goals, don’t be hard on yourself. Learn, and try again. 

In addition, as mentioned earlier in this article, I’ve been thinking about the little moments. Those in-between moments, squeezed into the monumental ones, end up being life. Life is not just a collection of crazy, life-altering moments, but the little, average, every-day life ones that become routine. I’ve been learning to cherish those—especially the ones that involve my roommates, friends, and family. 

A change in perspective has brought so much positivity into my semester. I’ve tried to focus on making myself a better person, keeping human connection and relationships in mind. It’s been refreshing amid the gross winter weather that everyone has been sick of. 

To leave everyone off on a sunny thought, I want to remind you that life is good. It occasionally sucks, but it’s good. Sometimes a change of perspective and a reminder of the time we have in life can be the push we need to find new motivation and inspiration. Enjoy the in-between moments, my friends.