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Best Haunted Houses in Wisconsin

Since there’s only 16 days until Halloween, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the many different haunted houses that Wisconsin has to offer. Here are just a few of the many great haunted houses in Wisconsin…

1)  Wisconsin Scaryland

Located in Waunakee, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Scaryland was voted the #1 haunted house in 2016. Scaryland offers 3 haunts that are all connected: Bunker 57, a zombie infested former government hospital; Blackwater Mine, an underground mine that ends at the third one haunted area, Funhouse, an abandoned amusement park.

2)  Misery Haunted House

The Berlin, Wisconsin based haunted house was voted one of the top 10 best haunted houses in 2016. The Misery Haunted House takes you through a cemetery with scares every step. The Haunted House also offers to escape rooms, The Tomb and The Red Case, both giving you 20 minutes to solve the mystery.

3) The Haunted Barn

The Haunted Barn, located in Stoughton, WI, is said to be the place where abandoned orphans took shelter after the closing of their orphanage. The Haunted Barn offers a walking tour where you’re likely to see these abandoned orphans and other ghostly creatures. 

4)  Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex

In Neenah, Wisconsin, you can find the Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex.  The Complex has 2 indoor haunted houses, 1 outdoor wooded trail, and 4 burial simulators all in one place. 

5) The Morgue Haunted House

The allegeded story of the Morgue Haunted House in De Pere, WI is that the building was once a school that was hit by a deadly influenza in the early 1900’s. The building became a temporary morgue and has been haunted by zombies and people who died ever since. The three floor haunted house promises to leave you terrified after each room.

Most of these haunted houses close on Halloween or a few days after so make sure to get to them ASAP!

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