9 Reasons You Should Watch Riverdale

This week, the 9th episode of season 2 will air on the CW Network. In honor of the upcoming mid-season finale, here are 9 reasons you should be watching Riverdale.

1. The mystery.

The best thing about Riverdale: it will keep you wondering. If you have the strength to only watch one episode at a time, chances are your mind will be spinning thinking about what will happen next. 

2. The friendship.

The Riverdale core four are an enviable close-knit group of friends. They go on mysterious adventures together, and at the end of the day, catch up over milkshakes. Betty and Veronica, also known as B&V, are the new Serena and Blair.

3. Cheryl Blossom's one-liners.

Cheryl, the wealthy head cheerleader, tosses around killer one-liners like none other. Even when you don't like her, you have to appreciate her confidence.

4. Cole Sprouse.

Okay, isn't this alone reason enough? You probably grew up watching Cole play the nerdy, trouble-making twin on Disney Channel. Now, he's all grown up, and he's heartthrob material, too. 

5. The music.

From Riverdale High's up-and-coming band, "Josie and the Pussycats", to Archie's acoustic guitar and interest in songwriting, Riverdale is jam-packed with great music.

6. The take on important social issues.

Riverdale is filled with drama, mystery, romance, adventure...and at the same time manages to address important social issues, such as standing up to sexual harassment and assault.

7. The romance.

Admit it, you're probably a sucker for some good TV romance. Riverdale has plenty to go around.

8. The family drama.

The drama throughout the show is great, but there's nothing like not knowing if you can trust the people closest to you. 

9. The high school nostalgia.

Riverdale reminds you of everything you loved about high school: hanging out with your friends at the local diner, practicing with your teammates after school, gossiping in the halls and over lunch, and going to the school dance.

If you haven't started watching already, you can watch season one on Netflix, and stream season 2 on the CW online. Catch the mid-season finale Wednesday at 7c!