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8 Study Tips for Beating the Midterm Slump

Let’s face it: it’s October, syllabus week is a distant memory, and midterms basically here. We’re deep in the thick of the school and we’ve still got a way to go until Thanksgiving break, so here’s a few study tips to help you survive midterm season (and the rest of the semester!).

1. Study in multiple places

Beyond preventing extreme boredom, varying up your study spot can actually help you remember information better. By forcing your brain to learn information in multiple places, you’ll be better prepared to remember it in the exam room.

2. Don’t Cram

I know you’ve heard this advice from every teacher ever . . . but try not to cram all of your studying in the night or two before your test. For one thing, it sucks. For another, you’re more likely to forget compared to studying a bit at a time leading up several days before the exam.

3. Take Breaks

You’ve been doing homework for hours and you deserve it. Take a walk, eat a snack, chat with your roommate . . . the possibilities are endless. You’ll limit your frustration and fatigue and you’ll probably be more productive after a short time away from the books.

4. . . just don’t let it turn into procrastination

Know how long you want your break to be before you start and stick to it (you could even set a timer). That way, you won’t be cursing yourself 4 hours later for wasting your study time with an unplanned Netflix binge or super long nap (as awesome as those things may be).

5. Study with friends

Seriously, it can help. Study groups are a great way to get new perspectives on your homework and get help. They can also lighten the mood a bit and keep you from getting too frustrated or bored.

6. . . but know when you need to be alone and focus

As much as we love them, friends can be a distraction. Know who you can be productive with and when you could use the help and feedback, but also remember that there might be times when you just need to focus without other people around you. And since they’re your friends, they should understand that you sometimes need to get away.

7. Get help from professors

Your professors might seem scary, but most really are passionate about helping you succeed. If you’re struggling, ask them questions or go to their office hours. There’s also nothing wrong with getting yourself on their good side–it might help you down the road.

8. Remind yourself that you’ll get through it

You’ve survived every other school year of your life and you’ll survive this one. Even when classes get tough, keep a positive attitude, try your best, and I know you’ll come out on top!


Anne is a junior at UW-La Crosse studying Broadcast and Digital Media Communication and Graphic Design. When she isn't busy studying or writing for Her Campus, Anne loves music, photography, drawing, and painting. Also, naps.
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