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7 Reasons Why You Need to Vote on Tuesday

As an extremely tense and controversial election season, spanning over a year and a half, is finally coming to a close on Tuesday, the most important task is still ahead of us. And that task is of course, to vote.  This year, more than ever, the disapproval rates for both main party candidates are discouraging high and has caused many U.S. citizens with the ability to vote, not to want to. However, it is still incredibly important that everyone votes. The benefits and effects of even just one individual vote can hold so much power. Listed below are seven reasons why you need to get out and vote on Tuesday, the next 4 years are depending on it.  


  1. Voting is a Privilege: America is a democracy and built off of representing all of its citizens. This is such an incredible honor that many citizens of other countries will never have the opportunity to do. Many people have fought for your right to vote and because of that it is important to honor all of the sacrifices that were made for this to happen. As an American citizen it is again your privilege but also your right and responsibility to vote and help shape our country.  

  1. Four Year Future: Whoever wins of Tuesday will be President for at least the next four years and with that they will run everything that you do for the next four years. Whether you are getting a job, finishing school, owning or renting an apartment or house, getting married, starting a family, building a business, or paying for various insurances independently, whoever wins on Tuesday will determine all of that. The President will control policies for the next four years.  

  1. Represent Yourself: No one else is voting with you in mind, it is your job to vote for who will represent you and your views the best. This is one of the most direct ways to shape the government to represent you in a way that you want  It to.  

  1. Future Generations: Even if the candidate selected is only in office for 4 years, their policies and decisions will effect the course of American life for the years and generations to come. Vote for the future of U.S. economics, the environments, your future children, or any other reason that will be affected in the future by what happens now.  

  1. Locals on the Ballot: There is more positions and elections than just voting for the President on the ballot. Local representatives in the Senate and House will be on the ballot. These figures are also extremely important on representing you in government. This can also effect how much the President can get done while in office, depending on if the majority party in the House and the Senate are the same as the President or are opposing.  

  1. President’s Choices: The President will choose  their cabinet and other surrounding positions to be filled. Most significantly this year though, is that the President will appoint new Supreme Court Justices. Supreme Justices serve until death and therefore will serve long beyond the President. On Tuesday, you are also voting for the judiciary system for generations to come.   

  1. Integrity: If you don’t vote you have no justification to complain about the candidates or Presidents. By voting, you will have made an informed and supported decision that will again, help you represent yourself and hold yourself accountable for choosing the new President. 




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