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7 Netflix Series To Watch Now

Of course you’ve indulged in Netflix series like Shameless and The Office—–they’ve had their far share of limelight. However, have you ever checked out these seven shows that are sure to get you hooked?


1. Hart of Dixie

Not only is this show full of hooking drama but it’s also paired with cute southern men. 


2. Black Mirror

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t follow a strict plot, this is the twisted show for you.

3. The League

The League is a lighthearted, comedy series that is sure to make you laugh no matter your level of interest in fantasy football.

4. Master of None

If you like Aziz Ansair as much as the next (Parks and Recreation lover) guy, then enjoy this comedy-drama. 

5. The Confession Tapes

Need a bingeable series? The Confession Tapes are for you. Each episode is a separate case filled with real life mystery.

6. The Keepers

It’s documentary covering the muderer case of a nun in 1969 in Baltimore. If you liked Making A Murderer, be sure to check out The Keepers!

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