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5 Ways to Recover From a Bad Week

Our lives, just like the weather, can't always be sunny. While having days in the dumps can be difficult, they are especially difficult in college. It always seems like when one bad thing happens, another has to follow it. Here are a few ways to help turn your week around. 

1. Take time to put everything into perspective. While this may seem difficult to do at the time, once you step back and think about how much somethings is going to affect you and your future, your troubles don't seem as big anymore. 

2. Volunteer your time. Even if you're not having the best week, taking time out of your life to volunteer can help you feel better. It's proven that people who volunteer are generally happier and it looks great on any applications that you may have to do. 

3. Go for a run/just exercise in general. In the words of Elle Woods, "endorphins make you happy!"

4. Treat yourself. Whether that be buying that shirt you love, pigging out on ice cream, or going out for a meal. Olive Garden is a great choice as you can get their unlimited breadsticks and salad!

5. Notice the little things in your day and try to stay positive. Everything happens for a reason and trying to find things in your day that make you happy and make you appreciate your day are so important. Whether that small thing be understanding a topic in a class, finding a dollar on the ground, or actually enjoying a meal at Whitney, make sure to find something good. 

Sophomore at UW La Crosse majoring in Biomedical Sciences
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