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5 Times Your Older Sister Comes in Handy

Growing up, having an older sister was the best childhood experience I could’ve asked for.  Not only do you have an automatic role model, but your sister is responsible for your actions until you reach a mature enough age (I am 20 whereas my sister is 23), so unfortunately, I have reached that point.  I attend college here at UW-La Crosse, so unfortunately I am not around my sister enough to participate in shenanigans, but I decided to share my top picks that make you feel fortunate to have an older sister.

1. They’re easy to blame. 

I always thought it was easier to tell my parents that my sister condoned my irresponsible behavior when I would get in trouble.  In fact, I used that excuse last week.  I went to a Fall-Out Boy concert in Minneapolis without telling my mom (She’s a worrier).  My sister, Meg, had allowed my friend and I to use her credit card to order the tickets online (my card was hacked that week).  So, when my mom yelled at me for not telling her I left town, I told her that Meg knew all along and said that it was fine, which led to part of the blame going onto her.  Still, she had my back and took a portion of the punishment of verbal lashing.

2. If someone hurts you, your sister will hurt them.

Older siblings are bound to be over-protective of you, because for a while they were your God.  You looked to them for EVERYTHING.  They then feel a sense of responsibility towards you and decide that they will protect you throughout life.  If someone or something comes up along the way that’s mean, unsupportive or downright rude, they will address and take care of the situation.  Your sister may be allowed to be critical or mean to you, but if someone else is they will be the first to dole out the comebacks and word-whipping.

3. They are easy to guilt trip.

Again, as previously stated, they feel entitled and responsible for your actions because they influenced you greatly growing up.  That being said, they feel obligated to help you when you really need them.  For example, when I was a titleholder in the Miss America Organization, I would beg my sister to attend certain appearances with me.  After hours of begging and just being plain annoying, she finally gave in.  The event?  A cheesy 80’s inspired prom dance.  Evidence?

4. They’re an automatic friend at family events.

We all have those certain family members or family friends that show up to reunions who are just plain creepy or weird.  A sister that is forced to attend said events with you is an easy person to complain to and share uncomfortable situations with.  They also help cause mischief and make the hours fly by easier.  Sometimes you need to band together against certain situations, and having a sister that shares your sarcasm or sense of humor with you makes conversations flow easier.  They’re also a buffer when you get asked the same annoying family questions over and over again. 

5. They’re always there to tell you the absolute truth: whether you want to hear it or not.

Family can be very supportive, but they can also be very honest.  Not only is your sister your biggest cheerleader (because she genuinely wants to see you do well in life) but she’s also your biggest critic.  Sometimes you need someone to give you a reality check if you’re being ridiculous.  You can’t get too mad at them because you either live with them or will be linked to them for the rest of your life.  And you know you don’t want to become those sisters or family members that don’t talk anymore, because we all know how MATURE that is.  Valuing others opinions is hard, and you only have to if you respect their opinion, but your sister’s is always worth listening to.  If you listen carefully, you may just end up learning a thing or two.  And who knows better than your older sister, someone who has experienced something similar at your age?  They can turn any situation into a better one and can change your mood instantly.

Just know one thing: no matter where your older sibling is, near or far, let them know that they’re appreciated.  

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