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5 Date Ideas That Don’t Totally Suck

Are you sick of boring, repetitive, ‘little thought put into them’ dates?

Us too! Let’s quit “Netflix and chill-ing” and start adding some adventure and excitement to something that’s suppose to be fun. Let’s really start dating again.


1. Spontaneous Coin Road Trip

Driving around with no destination in mind and your significant other or crush by your side can be one of the best ways to see how much you and the other person get along. The best part about this date is that the only things required are a minimal amount of gas money, a coin, and an epic playlist you and your date are sure to love. Have one person volunteer to drive while the passenger designates themselves the coin flipper. Toss the coin each time you come to a right and left turn. Heads mean turn left, tails mean turn right! The date is a win-win because you will end up discovering a cool new hangout spot and enjoy the adventure and laughs it’s sure to provide! So go grab the jam worthy tunes and Abraham Lincoln, and drive away.




2. Visit/Volunteer At A Local Humane Society

First of all, how could playing with animals ever be a bad idea? I think it’s a proven fact that any boy (or girl) is instantly more attractive while holding a cute little golden retriever. Not only is this date fun, but it’s also an awesome way to do something good for your community (and furry friends). Volunteering together can bring any couple closer through the mutual enjoyment and gratification it will bring. Add a fun twist to this one by pretending you and your significant other are looking for an addition to the family. Maybe you will even walk away with one of your own if you’re lucky!





3. Movie Night With A Twist

This date allows you and your boo to tap into your inner child! Grab a few sheets, chairs, and lots and lots of pillow and blankets! Build your best fort, create a comfy place to be lazy, and if you’re feeling extra festive—throw in a few christmas lights to add a little something! Bring your television or laptop inside and enjoy a couple movies together. Spice it up by picking a theme to your movie night, having each person pick their top favorite movies, or press mute and create your own dialogue. Don’t forget to bring your favorite snacks— a bag of buttery popcorn or some chocolate goodies! This creates a perfect excuse to snuggle with your crush. 





4. Switch-a-roo

This date will require some more spending money, but nothing too extreme or not totally worth it. Go find some shopping opportunities near you and pick out an article of clothing (or an outfit—if you’re feeling extra adventurous) for the other person. This can either be something you’ve always thought they could rock, something completely outrageous, or somewhere in-between. Have fun trying on sexy, wacky, ridiculous clothing together and purchase your favorite for the other person. For even more excitement, keep whatever you bought a secret from your significant other until later. Wear whatever was chosen for you and agree on a restaurant. Again, secretively or not, order a meal for the other person. No chickening out! This could get dangerous giving your power over to someone else but letting loose always makes for an eventful date.





5. Hit The Books

This one may sound unappealing to the non-readers, but don’t disregard this one immediately. Find a Barnes & Noble or a small but charming replica, select a few books, and make yourself at home in a cozy corner. Either read the same book if there are multiple copies or read to one another. Even if you don’t enjoy what you’re reading, this is sure to be an intimate date. There is such a wide range of literature out there that you’re almost sure to find something laugh or cry worthy for the both of you. To switch things up, write notes together and leave them in random books around the store, from the popular ones to dusty ones. You can even come back later and see if your notes have stayed there on your next date!

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