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3 Easy Costumes To Rock This Halloween

As a college student, you’re experienced enough to know that Halloween costumes are outrageously expensive, time consuming, and outright stressful. If you’re looking to keep your costume creative yet easy on the bank account, check out these three ideas for your next kick-butt costume! 




Although this seems to be a popular one lately, it’s most definitely a crowd pleaser! Use old fishnets or buy a pair from Goodwill/Halloween shop (fish net gloves will work too) to create the makeup that’s central to this look. Cut a small section of the fishnet to stencil out the scales for your face. Applying moisturizer and primer before going into the process will help your face stay perfect all night. Use a powder or contouring brush to apply generous amounts of eye shadow (greens, purples, blues) in over the fishnet pattern—-make sure to get your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Use glitter in areas on the face and lips (I suggest using a dark lip color beforehand—you can even try using eye shadow as lipstick if you don’t have one you like). Find a mermaid-y top or bralette and match it with a cute skirt. If you’re having troubles finding a skirt, try looking for material that could mimic it and simply tie around you like one. Use the fishnet you used for your scales to act as a net hanging off you that looks as if you’ve been caught (add shells too) Finish the look with curls!



2.) Skeleton Motorcycle Chick

As long as you have makeup and a decent amount of black clothing, you may not have to buy anything for this one (and if you do, it will be minimal)! Find a black shirt and pants, a leather jacket, boots, and a du-rag/bandana, gloves and any other ideas you can find to help you out. As far as the makeup goes: apply moisturizer and primer, cover lower part of face in white paint/foundation/powder, create a skeleton-like nose and mouth— teeth + extension outwards, and finish with your favorite smokey eye! Make sure to outline your white with a black eyeliner or paint and buff out with a gray eye shadow to create a more natural look.



3.) Day Of The Dead–Sugar Skull 

Even though this look may appear intricate, anyone can pull it off—-no matter the makeup experience! Apply white paint to half of the face (make sure it’s decently thick) and go about your designs. Using tattoos, especially those designated for sugar skull makeup can make this process a lot easier! If you’re feeling brave, do it yourself—-browse some images or tutorials online and play off them. You may want to practice before the big night because no one wants to be flustered on Halloween as they rush to nail this look. Grab out fun, bold eye shadows to use around the eye and within the actual designs. Go about the opposite side of your face as you normally would wear it—–add black eyeliner and red lips for a cool contrast! Tousled waves with a clip in flower look great too. Clothing can be anything you want (try using a long black skirt and top!)

Remember, you can put in as little or as much effort with these costume ideas. It’s all about having fun with it. Good luck!


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