3 DIY Spring Crafts

Spring sparks this sense of inspiration among us college students. The weather is picking up, people are becoming more optimistic and everyone is trying to soak up the most fun they can before the dreaded finals kick in. Are you looking for something new and fun to try? If so, kick out your creative side and try these three DIY spring projects!

DIY Calendar

With the end of the semester nearing it seems like professors all across the UW-La Crosse campus are all plotting against us. (Not really, but it’s hard not to think that when they ALL assign papers, exams and projects all due in the SAME week). Many of us may feel overwhelmed with an increase in our workload, so forget those boring assignment notebooks and oddly patterned day planners you bought at Wal-Mart; make your own calendar right in your dorm room or apartment!



-Paint Samples (which can be found at Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)-frame (any size your heart desires)

-posterboard (for the background)




1. Trim the chosen colors of paint samples you want

2. Label for the days of the week

3. Trim the poster board to fit the size of your frame

4. Glue the paint samples on to the poster board

5. Place it inside the frame

DIY Nail Polish Mug

Drink your morning cup of Joe in style and forget about all those other boring mugs!


-white mug(s)

-plastic container (like a tupperware container)

-nail polish (any color will work)

-warm water



1. Fill plastic container halfway with warm water

2. Pour a few drops of nail polish into container with warm water (Don’t be afraid to mix colors)

3. Use the toothpick to swirl around the nail polish

4. Dip the mug into the water

5. Leave the mug on a towel to dry

DIY Lantern

Planning on throwing a small get together for you and your friends? Want to add some type of lighting decor to your room? Need something cute to hang on your porch? This easy DIY lantern will make any room or outdoor light up in style AND, as a plus, they will look great in the summer for all those cookouts!




-twine, hemp, or cotton yarn


-plastic container

-½ cup of cornstarch

-¼ cup of warm water

-petroleum jelly

-clear, fast-drying spray paint

-lights (lantern lights or white twinkle lights which can be found at any dollar store)


1. Blow up the balloons to your desired size of your lantern balls

2. Mix glue, cornstarch, warm water in container until all lumps are gone

3. Cover each balloon in petroleum jelly

4. Start wrapping the twine, hemp, or cotton yarn around the balloons

5. Use the rest of the twine to hang the balloon from a shower bar or a drying space of your choosing for about 24 hours

6. Pop the balloons

7. Spray the balls with clear, fast-drying spray paint

9. Insert the lights

With finals right around the corner, don’t be afraid to take some down-time to be creative with some of these super easy and cute DIY spring crafts!