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10 Things Lazy Girls Do

Sometimes being a girl is just too much work. Here are 10 things that you may do if you’re a super lazy girl.


Dry Shampoo. Showering is so much work. When your hair looks a little greasy and you are way too lazy to shower, dry shampoo is your go to.

Wearing a hat. If you haven’t washer your hair in a while and dry shampoo just isn’t cutting it, then tossing a baseball cap on is the next best option. No one even knows this is your 3rd day in a row without washing your hair.


Wearing a baggy sweatshirt so you don’t have to put a bra on. On those lazy days when you want to be really comfy but still have to go out in public, a baggy sweatshirt without a bra is super comfy. No one can even tell!


Ironing your clothes with your straightener. Letting an iron warm up and going through the process of iron your clothes takes way too long. It’s a huge time saver to just use your straightener instead. Just try not to ruin your clothes.


Smell test on your clothes. When you haven’t done laundry in two weeks and you are starting to run out of clean clothes, every lazy girl picks up that shirt from off the ground and does the smell test. If it smells a bit, there’s always perfume to mask it.



Wearing peep toe shoes and only painting your big toe. Painting your toenails is at least an hour long process until they are fully dry enough to put shoes on. It’s a lot easier to put on some peep toe shoes and only paint your big toe. Just don’t take your shoes off.


Only shaving your ankles so you can roll your jeans up. It is starting to get warmer out and that means actually having to shave your legs, but why shave more than you have to? This trick also works with holey jeans, only shave where the holes are!

Taking your bra off without taking off your shirt. Why take your shirt off just to take your bra off? I think every lazy girl has mastered the art of taking their bra off without taking their shirt off.


Picking your chipped nail polish off instead of using nail polish remover. It’s super addicting and and way more fun this way.


Going to bed without taking your makeup off. Even though it is super bad for your face to sleep in makeup sometimes you are just too tired to go through the work off taking it off.

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