10 Things Ben Rector Has Taught Me

"This life is crazy!"

Over the weekend, I attended Part 2 of Ben Rector’s Magic tour. You may be familiar with his hit song, “Brand New," or, if you're like me, could jam out to any of his songs, word for word, on cue. His music has been an inspiration to me for years now, and the experience (seeing him live) was definitely worth it. The concert was outstanding, and the best one I've ever been to. Ben is a truly original and amazing person, and his passion radiates through the room—he will, without a doubt, put a smile on your face.

So, I decided to compile a list of things that Ben Rector (and his music) has taught me.


1. The truth is, there’s nothing like old friends. Shout-out to my friend Allie!


2. Car rides and drives are good for the soul.

3. There’s nothing wrong with a lucky party shirt. “It doesn’t matter if I’m ready to party, or if you’re ready to party. This shirt is ready to party.”


4. We all feel a bit like kids, even when we’ve grown old.

5. Life is not the mountaintops, it’s the walking in between.


6. The right person can make you feel magical and brand new.

7. Life is sometimes like a sailboat.


8. Sometimes your heart breaks. And that’s okay, it’s life.

9. Always be thankful for where you are and try to remember what it feels like to chase a dream.


10. Note to self: don’t let yourself worry quite as much, because you’ll end up fine enough.


*These are all based on his songs! I challenge you to listen to his music and find the lyrics within the songs. Except for number three—it’s not a lyric, that’s just good fun.

At the concert, Ben asked us to restrain from taking videos and, instead, enjoy living in the moment. He reminded us how one-of-a-kind the concert was. Never again would there be a moment where we were all together, experiencing the same thing, dancing to his music. I think we should all strive to live our lives like this, putting the phones away and truly LIVING. So, on Saturday, I did exactly that—I danced my ass off and, because I’m emotional, shed a tear or two because the experience was extraordinarily MAGICal, just as the tour and Ben’s most recent album promises.