10 Reasons Why We Will Always Love Gossip Girl

1. The Clothes. I dreamed of having Blair and Serena’s wardrobes. The high end fashion they wore on a daily basis is the kind of clothes you would only see in magazines. If you ever needed outfit inspiration Blair and Serena were your go to girls. 2. Georgina Sparks. She is the girl we all love to hate but also secretly love. Whenever she pops up you know something crazy is going to happen.

3. Chuck and Blair’s love story. The two unlikely couple is the main reason I loved the show so much. They were so awful together they were perfect for each other. Even after all the drama they still ended up together. They are definitely couple goals.

4. Nate Archibald. He’s the kind of guy you only see in your dreams. He’s so attractive and truly a nice guy even until the end of the series.There’s a reason why he was called the “Golden Boy of the Upper East Side.”


5. Gossip Girl. The idea of her is just so intriguing. A secret blogger that spills all the dirt on the most elite teenagers in Manhattan. The whole time she always keeps you guessing at her identity.


6. The Scheming. Blair was the queen at scheming. She always came up with crazy ways to get exactly what she wanted.

7. Dorota. She is such an undermined character which is a shame because Dorota was one of my favorites. Her witty comments would make me laugh out loud. And who wouldn’t love having their own personal maid as loyal and bada** as Dorota?


8. The Upper East Side. If you said you didn’t want to live on the Upper East Side after watching Gossip Girl you would be lying. Between the gorgeous penthouses, high end fashion stores, cozy coffee shops, and Central Park, The Upper East Side would be a dream destination to call home.


9. The Parties. There’s no denying it, some of the best episodes are the ones where they throw parties. Anyone would kill to get an invite to the killer parties they threw. From Blair’s Kiss on the Lips Party to the Masquerade Ball and the Constance Billard break in pool party. Whenever there was a party there was sure to be alcohol and lots of drama.

10. Blair and Serena. They both are super gorgeous and are friendship goals. No matter what happened or how awful of a fight they had they still were best friends.