10 Cheap Valentine's Date Ideas for College Students

We, college students, are looking for any way to save money to put towards college expenses, so it’s no surprise that you’re struggling to think of romantic cheap date ideas. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, you don’t need to think about draining your bank account to impress your significant other. Whether you’ve been dating for 2 weeks or 2 years, these date ideas can guarantee a romantic filled night! No boyfriend? No problem! These date ideas work just as well for your galentines!


For those who’d prefer to stay on campus:

1.) Build a Fort and Have a Movie Night

Grab all your blankets, pillows, and favorite snacks and make a cozy fort! Spend the day/night relaxing, getting to know each other, or bonding over Netflix movies! If you don’t want to stay in, the Union is showing Charlie’s Angels in the theater both at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm Friday night. 

2.) Make a Home Cooked Meal

Put together a list of ingredients for your favorite meal and cook it together in the kitchen in the dorms! If you don’t have access to ingredients, go together to Whitney and experiment with different ingredients to make something new! Don’t be afraid to get creative. 

3.) Get Comfy and Color

Grab some coloring books and colored pencils and start coloring! It can be very therapeutic and fun to do while talking about your favorite memories or future goals. Maybe even start a bucket list to do either separately or as a couple!

4.) Game Night

There’s nothing better than some good ole game night competition in a relationship, especially when it comes to scrabble or slap jack. All you need is a deck of cards! You can always check at the front desk of your dorm and see if they offer any board games available to check out. 

5.) Ping Pong at the Rec

Speaking of competition, head over to the rec and compete against each other in some ping pong! It’ll get you moving and add some fun to your date!


For Those Who Want to Venture Off Campus: 

6.) Tour Downtown La Crosse

Go downtown and walk the streets! See what stores there are downtown and check out all the little shops they have to offer. Explore the unknown parts of La Crosse and who knows, you might just find your new favorite store! #SupportLocalBusiness

7.) Go Sledding

Grab some sleds and go to Myrick Park or Van Riper Park in Onalaska and go sledding! Warm up afterwards by going and getting some hot chocolate or hot cider. No sleds? Enjoy the snow by going hiking, skiing at Mt. La Crosse, or just reliving your childhood by playing in the snow!

8.) Bowling

You can never go wrong with a laid-back bowling date. Whether it’s your third date or your hundredth, bowling never gets old! Share a plate of fries and let the competitor in you come out!

9.) Creative Canvas Downtown

At 313 Pearl St there’s a cool canvas painting and pottery store where you can make your own artwork! Relax and get to know each other over canvas paintings or decorate a pottery mug to give to each other!

10.) Coffee Shop date

Have a lot of homework and studying to do? No worries! Grab your homework and your special someone and head to a coffee shop to study and try new drinks and food! There’s Cool Beans Coffee Shop and Global Grounds Coffee right off campus or there’s The Root Note or Jules Coffee House downtown! 

At the end of the day, all your significant other wants are to spend time with you. Whether that’s doing homework or having a romantic dinner, any time with them is quality time. Reserve this day to spend with them and appreciating your relationship and everything that comes with it!