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Sometimes, all I want to do is lay in bed and not have to think for 20 minutes. I think every college student is currently at the point in the semester where they simply need to be unproductive and relax, and one of my favorite ways to waste time is indulging in a little YouTube. When I have these moments, I tend to lean towards YouTubers that don’t just cure my boredom, but also make me feel like my time is (kind of) well spent. These channels have genuinely provided me with creative inspiration and have made me feel a little less lonely, and I am not one to gatekeep.

Dakota Warren

This Australian YouTuber is a huge fan of books like me, except she is a whole lot more well-read. She talks about literature in a way where I feel like I am learning without being talked down to. When I watch her videos, I almost feel like I am in my own little book club with her.

Halle Burns

Halle might have the most beautiful and relaxing speaking voice I have ever heard and watching her make overnight oats in her college apartment, for some reason, feels like I’m practicing meditation. She doesn’t make one type of video, but I guess you could categorize them as vlogs. Although her channel isn’t a cooking one, I have learned a lot of great and quick recipes from her.

Mila Tequila

This channel is the coolest, most creative use of the platform (in my opinion, ok?). She takes topics that seem like nonsense pop culture, such as the infamous Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton drama, and turns it into college-assignment-level video essays. Its research, its art, it’s a CRIME that she has not posted in four months. Her channel description is “talking about whatever I want to talk about”, and I’m happy she does. 

Brittany Broski

If you are ever having an emotional meltdown and need to laugh immediately, please watch one of Brittany’s videos. As with many new influencers, Brittany started on TikTok. You might recognize her as the ‘Kombucha girl’, but now she is a YouTuber with 948,000 subscribers and I want to be her best friend.

Emma Chamberlain

How could I talk about the gems of YouTube without mentioning Ms. Emma Chamberlain? Her videos have always radiated comfort to me since I found her in high school, but recently her videos have made an interesting transition and I feel like I’m still growing up with her still. If you are feeling lonely and want someone else to feel lonely with, I highly recommend Emma.

I hope you love these ladies and their channels as much as I do!

Xoxo, Gabriella

Edited by Sadie Deambrose

Hi! I'm a senior Public Communication major with a concentration in Community Media and Journalism at the University of Vermont. I have a passion for art, culture, and writing.
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