Why Switching My Major Made Me Happier

Majors. What a riveting and original topic, eh? Just kidding. I know it’s not, but it’s an important one and that has proven to be even more important for me this year. Taking a little hop back in time, I came into college undecided like a lot of kids do. I decided on Neuroscience, but I soon felt it was too narrow.  After this, I changed to my major to Biology. Once in Biology I for sure thought I was in the right place. I had no reason to change because I felt like it was a nice and safe path for me. Not only was I a Biology major, but I was also on the pre-med track, just in case I wanted to go to medical school. Because the truth is, I don’t know what I want to do with my life at 19 years old. I just don’t.

However, everything came to a crashing halt when I began failing chemistry. It’s hard for me to admit and talk about because it hurts my dignity a bit (AKA a lot). I have never failed a class or even come close. I just couldn't understand how I was working so hard in a class only to be failing! It was then I found a way out... and the fact that I saw it as" a way out" just goes to show I really was not on the right path.

I found myself excited at the thought that if I didn’t stay in Bio I didn’t have to spend my summer doing organic chemistry, and could go for the internship I had been dreaming of for so long (literally since high school). However, it wasn’t easy making the switch from bio to public communication, and still isn’t.  Sometimes, I feel like I am less respected, less intelligent, and all around destined for failure. It’s incredibly sad that I even think this way at times, because it’s not about what you major in, but what you make of it. I may not be the next world renown neurosurgeon, but I may one day be the creator of the leading magazine that is more than just showing you ways to look like Jennifer Aniston; it will have global elements, stories of women and men who are not of the norm, and show that beauty isn’t “losing 15 pounds with this diet!”

My ambitions and drive will get me to a success that is worthwhile, not one of frivolous substance. I seek the happiness of doing what I love. I don’t know what that is yet, but making this adjustment is teaching me how to really be comfortable in my skin, and do what I want to do, without letting society dictate that.  I know what you might be thinking... DUH! Why wouldn’t you do what makes you happy? In reality, these thoughts may be going through most students’ heads, but they are too afraid to act on them because of the unknown.

There are certain paths that are safer than others because there are evident end goals that are attached, so you have at least a rough idea of where you could be going. What got me to realize I really wasn’t on the right path was, I wasn’t willing to do all the extra work that goes into being in the medical field. I am very willing to stretch my life in a variety of directions being in the major I am now. That is how I know that at least for right now, I’m on the right path. I may find another path and then some more, but I’m okay with that. 

As long as there is some chocolate at a few of the rough sojourns, then I think I will be just fine... and so will you.