Vermont Black-Owned Businesses You NEED to Check Out

February is nationally recognized as Black History Month. It is a time to learn the history of the African diaspora, events it led to, culture it spread, the people who were and have been affected, and so much more. It is an important time to acknowledge and praise the achievements of people of color and their central role in the development of America. This celebration can take forms in many ways, for instance; donating to a Black organization, hosting a Black movie/show marathon, reading a book by a Black author, listening to a podcast, follow some Black artists on social media, and the list truly goes on. If you’d like more ideas, check out NAACP, 28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month.

For this article, I am going to focus on the financial form of support. One very important, and easy way to support the Black community in Burlington, and Vermont in general, is buying from Black-owned businesses. I’ve cultivated a list of some restaurants I have been to and/or have been recommended to visit that I hope inspire you to get out and celebrate Black History Month. We all eat, so next time you get take out or want to sit down for a nice meal, consider these! 


Cafe Mamajuana, Burlington, Vermont

Cafe Mamajuana’s mission is to connect Burlington with Dominican, Afro-Caribbean, and Spanish culture through food. Prices are intentionally affordable, they get their food from ethical and sustainable sources, and they buy local whenever possible. 


Zafa Wines, Burlington, Vermont

Zafa Farm and Winery is located in Isle La Monte, Vermont, but they have a taste testing room and store right on Pine Street in Burlington. They sell wines, ciders, and co-fermentations (blends of apples and grapes). Even cooler, it is 100% woman-owned and maintains a minimum of 85% all-woman staff. 


Pizzeria Verita, Burlington, Vermont

If you love pizza and haven’t been to Pizzeria Vertia, you are missing out! They make homemade fresh mozzarella every day 🤯 AND have a Nutella pizza. Need I say more?!?


South Mountain Catering, Waitsfield, Vermont

Known for their delicious crepes at the Stowe and Waitsfield Farmers market, South Mountain Catering has a variety of options for “all occasions.” In addition to their savory and sweet crepes, they offer African-inspired dishes and desserts. Better yet, all their ingredients are  organic and locally sourced, so you are supporting local farmers as well!


Kismayo Kitchen, Burlington, Vermont

Kismayo Kitchen is located in the North End of Burlington and has tasty meals ranging from Sweet Kale salads to Somali rice with your choice of meat. Not only is their food raved about, but their service as well :)


Hope you enjoy these, happy Black History Month!

- Emma Hoechner 


*Edited by: Carolyn D’Auria.