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By: Ally Wheeler

1. Kru Coffee Collective

Kru is the cutest little place to cozy up and do some schoolwork, people watch, or catch up with friends. As far as Burlington coffee shops go, Kru is by far one of my favorites. They offer tons of fun flavored lattes and warm drinks, like the Cardi-Bee (a cardamom and honey latte) and the Godfather (a dirty chai with house-made mocha), as well as matcha, unique hot and iced teas, and croissant breakfast sandwiches. The shop has an upbeat, welcoming energy and a darling polaroid photo wall with pictures of each dog who has visited Kru. There’s always people buzzing in and out, and it’s become a well-loved Church Street cafe.

2. Vivid Coffee

If you’re looking for an open, airy coffee shop with plenty of seating for you and your friends, Vivid is the place! I love setting up here to get some schoolwork done, and with a full extra room of seating, I’m never worried about finding a spot. Their coffee has a tasteful, bold flavor, and they have a rather simple menu with a mix of classic drinks and unique options, like their frozen maple latte. In the main seating area, you can find a variety of plants and a garage door wall that sheds natural light on the shop. In the warmer months, they lift this door for an indoor/outdoor cafe experience! When you go- get a dirty chai with oat and an almond croissant (thank me later). 

3. Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters wins when it comes to funky, eccentric interior design. This is a classic cafe with a menu full of creative, reasonably priced coffee/tea drinks, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and lunch/snack options. The shop is full of colorful, rustic decor and has the cutest tables in the window for people-watching and sipping on a morning latte. I’d recommend stopping by for an oat milk cappuccino and a place to sit, journal, and watch the day go by. This is a beloved cafe that’s been adored by the Burlington community for years!

4. Barrio

Barrio is the definition of a quaint, tucked away cafe that you could curl up at for hours. This is a hidden gem that I’m letting you all in on because the coffee and pastries are truly unmatched. Barrio is decorated with dainty flowers, local artwork, seating nooks and couches, and newspapers/magazines for customers to browse through. I visited this shop on a Sunday morning with some friends, and we took our time drinking cappuccinos, eating almond croissants and orange cinnamon morning rolls, and catching up. They even have take-and-bake croissants here, and all of the baked goods are authentic and fresh. While this is a smaller coffee/pastry shop, the intimate vibe creates its appeal!

5. Onyx Tonics

This is the place for coffee snobs in search of high-quality, artisan coffee. On the menu, you’ll find the most creative, enticing drinks, like their espresso tonic and weekly latte specials. Their coffee menu rotates each week, and when you order, you can choose the specific roast that you prefer based on the coffee’s origin, flavors, and boldness. They give recommendations for whether or not you should add milk, drink the coffee warm/cold, and which roast to choose for each drink, so it’s a great place to visit if you want to learn more about coffee. While this cafe is a bit on the pricier side, you’ll surely taste some of the best, quality coffee you’ve tried.

**Edited by: Grace Slauterbeck

Ally Wheeler is a sophomore Dietetics and Public Communications student at the University of Vermont. She's passionate about traveling, intuitive health and wellness, and exploring new places with friends. In her free time, Ally shares recipes, thoughts, and snippets of her daily life on her Instagram/Tiktok, Radiant Plates. She's excited to be a part of the UVM HerCampus group!