Spring Break

This spring break I didn’t go on some wild and crazy trip to Cancun that left my liver in dismay, but rather I went on a trip with my mother to Arizona. She planned every single day and it was amazing. While it was amazing in the conventional ways, it was also eye-opening in an unconventional way. As I was waking up looking at mother nature’s history displayed on these beautiful red rocks, it allowed me to realize that beautiful things really do take time and in this case hundreds of thousands of years. While my life of course will not last that long, I think I became more aware that things really do take time. Getting over a heartbreak takes time, a lot of time. Landing an internship can take time. Finding a job, same thing. The list goes on. So, I could babble on about something that’s probably quite cliché, but I’d rather show some pictures that might help this make more sense.