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Simply Sorority: On the Fence With Greek Life?

So you’re probably wondering why there is a mass of Greek letters and symbols everywhere you look on campus these days. No, you’re not going crazy… it’s fall recruitment!

Are you on the fence about joining Greek life? Not really sure what a sorority even is? Well in a simple definition, it’s a society for university women. I’m sure you’re thinking, Hmm, not really informative…. This definition doesn’t sum up what it means to be in a sorority because it’s so much more. I’ve put together a list of pros and cons to help you decided if Greek Life is for you!

One of my biggest reasons to join a sorority was the philanthropy. According to thesororitylife.com, “
sorority women contributed $13,740,168.18 to worthy causes and participated in over 1 million hours of community service in the past year alone!”


Con: Dues
Every semester dues must be paid to the sorority, which covers house and event expenses, among other things. The dues vary depending on the sorority, some are all-inclusive (covers formal tickets, t-shirts, etc.) and others aren’t. However, there are payment plans and scholarships available to help with the dues.


ProLeadership positions
Every sorority has executive positions within their local chapter, which include President, VP Financing, VP Event Planning, and so many more. Being actively involved within the sorority, especially in a leadership position, will look great on a resume.


Con: Stigma
Okay, I’ll admit that I had my own preconception against Greek Life last year: ditsy girls with no concern for anything else besides guys, partying and the social scene. Once I became more educated about sororities, I discovered the truth. These women hold themselves to a high academic standing and are passionate about contributing to the local community.


Pro: Social Events
There are all sorts of events happening within Greek Life, such as formals (who doesn’t like dressing fancy every once in a while?), date parties, sporting events, and fundraising.


Yes, there is often drama, but when you get a large group of people together it’s pretty much inevitable.


Pro: Alumni networking
Alumnae (past fraternity/sorority members) are all over the country and in various careers. Once out of college, everyone is scrambling around to find employment, but with the alumni networking it may be easier than you think to secure that dream job!


Con: Time commitment
This is a big one. With all the events and meetings associated with Greek life, you need to make sure you have time to participate. Oftentimes if you miss mandatory events you are charged a fee.


Life-long friendships
These women are here to support you in every possible way they can. They’re the ones who will come to your aid if you need a study buddy for the big exam, the shoulder to cry on, or the friends to laugh with. They are your sisters.


For more information, check out UVM’s Greek Life profiles!


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