Rallython 2016 with Hannah Jackman

Everything you need to know about the 2016 UVM Rallython!

Rallython is the best of both worlds, a super fun, one-of-a-kind college experience and a fundraiser for the amazing children at UVM’s Children’s Hospital! I had the privilege of interviewing Rallython Executive Board member, Hannah Jackman, to get all the details, and trust me; this event is not one to be missed!


LS: What is Rallython?

HJ: Rallython is a yearlong fundraising event that culminates in a 12-hour dance marathon that includes theme hours, live performances and delicious food all night from many different restaurants. There will also be many fun activities that we are in the process of coordinating!

This is an event that involves most of the clubs on campus, and we are expecting a great turnout this year. Last year we raised $31,000 for the Children’s Hospital. It is a great way to bring the community together and support these sick kids and their parents who are going through one of the hardest challenges they will ever face.


LS: What do you remember about Rallython last year?

HJ: Everyone was dancing their butts off for 12 hours straight, feet aching but wide awake from the copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s we ate and adrenaline from being in a room full of passionate people all dancing for the same cause. In the last hour of the night the Executive Board revealed that we raised $31,000, all for the kids. Everyone was crying and screaming out of both excitement and exhaustion.

Another amazing part of Rallython is the entertainment we have! This year we are looking to have local bands, UVM acapella groups, student/artist Chosin, UVM dance groups, and D.J.s to keep the vibe going all night. Also- everyone looks forward to dancing and playing with the Children’s Miracle Network kids who will be there. During the night the Miracle Network kids also have time to share their personal journeys with UVM Children’s Hospital and their illnesses. It is a really humbling experience and really puts the “why” behind the cause. 


LS: Who goes to Rallython?

HJ: Clubs all over campus have teams and so do students who put together teams with their friends. We already have 350 students signed up so look forward to a HUGE event! If your club has not signed up yet, contact your president about creating a team. Many living/learning communities and Greek organizations also come!


LS: How do I register?

HJ: You can sign up using the link tinyurl.com/rallython. Click register on the landing page and either create a team with your friends or your club or join the general team for anyone, the Volunteers in Action team. The registration fee is $15- but look out for discounted registration nights coming next semester! You can keep up with RALLYTHON by liking our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/RALLYTHON


LS: Where does the money go? Is my donation going to good use?

HJ: All of the proceeds raised go to UVM Children’s Hospital, which serves the Vermont and upstate New York region. The money goes to new medical equipment, procedures for kids, better rooms, decor, toys and more.

We are a school of 10,000 and I know we can raise even more this year than last! Make a team with your hall, ask family members for donations instead of holiday gifts, or just register and bring your awesome self!  Let’s make this year the biggest year yet!