Poems of Personal Growth

In the past two years, I’ve grown tremendously, in ways that I never could have imagined.  I started college, which is the biggest adjustment I’ve ever had to endure. I went through my fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments.  I made friends, and I lost friends. And quite honestly, I still go through these things sometimes.

However, today I wanted to take a different approach to sharing these little parts of my story.  Instead of writing an article like usual, I decided to compile three of the poems I’ve written over the course of these last two years.  Not just any poems, though-- poems that showcase the emotional strides I’ve made in a couple of short years. I wrote these poems at some of my lowest points, some of my highest points, and points where I was at a sort of in-between.  My hope is that somebody reads these and takes solace in the idea that they are not alone.



You are the flame,

I am the wick.

Your light illuminates a cosmic indigo sky,

All while dwindling me into a speck of nothingness.


I cling to silky vanilla wax for dear life,

Desperate to escape your vicious inferno.

And still, your heat is sweltering,

Burning me down to my core.


I put up a hard fight,

Yet I’m still deteriorated by your embers,

Black smoke spiraling the air,

Suffocating my lungs.


I shrink, you surge.

Until suddenly,

There is nothing left,

Except an empty glass jar.



she had grown accustomed to devoting pages in her journal

to those who had wronged her.  

with each heartbreak,

each disappointment,

more ink was taken from her pen

and more thoughts were taken from her restless head.


but then she realized that all the power she so

generously gave to fools, usually with dreamy brown eyes,

really belonged to someone else--



a single glance from her ocean eyes sent vicious tidal waves

through the souls of her past suitors.  

flowers grew from her mind and she offered

bouquets of kindness and charm and occasionally, a little mystery.

she was difficult for others to follow

but something about that uncertainty was strangely enticing.


she used to believe she was going to be forever hardened

by these seemingly endless let downs.

but now, she stands in the face of fear,

looks directly into its eyes,

and declares that she is



Wildflower Love

It flourishes boundlessly,

Covering fields of overgrown grass

With vibrant shades of sunny yellow,

And brilliant fuchsia.


It blooms despite the icy rain,

And thrives through the darkest storms.

Fragile and unique, indeed,

Yet fervent and beautiful as much.


Randomly sprouted from the roots of this Earth,

It was not intentionally grown.

It is the type of love we all wish for.

A wildflower love.