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My Life is GrUV: Reasons Why Chipotle Is Better Than Boys

1.It comes with exactly what you like

With every Chipotle visit you get to design your own meal with all the fixings, no surprises—unlike that time you discovered your date was strangely fascinated by taxidermy and listened to The Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack on repeat.

2.It’s always there for you

Whether you plan on studying for a midterm, enjoying a movie night, or simply heading out for some chow Chipotle will never bail on you at the last minute and it will never disappoint.

3.Chipotle lasts

You can’t take half your date home in a to-go box and save them for later, not to mention Chipotle will never break up with you.

4.Your burrito doesn’t argue back

No obnoxious rants, no complaints, no arguments. Simply pure bliss.


If you don’t think guacamole is better than boys you really need to get your priorities straight.

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