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My Life is GrUV: Pinterest’s Best DIY Halloween Ideas


It is always so easy to procrastinate on Pinterest. Every day there is something new to look at, especially with a holiday only a couple weeks away. It didn’t take long to discover great ideas for Halloween. Check out some of the best DIY Halloween projects below for some spooky inspiration!


  • Trash Bag Spider Webs: They're easy to make, cheap, and look great! Just cut up some trash bags (the link to the tutorial gives you all the details) and viola! Done!
  • Halloween Silhouette Windows: Here's another easy way to decorate your windows! Just cut up some black construction paper depicting Halloween scenes, then place orange tissue paper behind to give off an eerily glow!

  • Chicken Wire Ghosts: Ok, so this idea isn't exactly dorm or apartment friendly, or even easy to do, but it was definitely one of the best DIY Halloween ideas I've seen so far. The picture pretty much says it all!


  • Shrunken Heads Cider:  How do you make cozy fall cider into a creepy concoction? Just add some shrunken apple heads of course!
  • Finger Food: Honestly, this appetizer looks so realistic I'm not sure if anyone would actually eat it, but you have to give whoever made this up some credit... it's pretty gruesome.

If you end up trying any of these ideas, or get creative and come up with your own, send us some photos! We'd love to see how you're celebrating Halloween!

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