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My Life is GrUV First Week of Classes: Expectations vs. Reality

We all have big plans for the new school year each time it rolls around. It’s easy to think anything from last year is one easy switch away. But let’s be honest, for better or worse, some things just never change.


Expectation: I can’t wait to meet everyone in my class, I mean, new friends right?! I am going to introduce myself to at least three new people. It really can’t be that hard, they’re probably thinking the exact same thing.

Reality: I’m sweating. I’m not talking to anyone until I stop sweating.


Expectation: I am going to have the cutest outfit.

Reality: Oh my gosh. Is this a stain on my shirt? I wore it out ONE night. Okay, so no problem, just a quick outfit switch. No problem. *30 minutes before class* I HAVE NO CLOTHES.


Expectation: I am going to be so well prepared for all my classes, I even looked up the books.

Reality: Okay, this was not in the e-mail.


Expectation: I will not procrastinate this year, remember that night you spent in the twenty four hour room?

Reality: All of your projects and papers are due on the same day.

Expectation: I am going to get out of all of my classes early.

Reality: I took three pages of notes.


Junior at the University of Vermont
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