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My Life is GrUV: Best Hangout Spots on Campus

As spring finally approaches our beautiful campus, students everywhere are starting to take advantage of this warm weather. Shorts have been replacing pants, sandals being worn instead of Uggs, and sweaters being chosen over heavy jackets. UVM students are not just wearing spring clothes, but soaking up the rays as well. I have started to explore this campus quite frequently since the nice weather started and my four favorite places to hang out when the weather gets nice are as follows:

  1. The Mercy Backyard

    Although I am quite partial to Mercy since I live there, my favorite is place is still the Mercy Backyard. Every time the sun shines through the clouds students always gather up their Frisbees, soccer balls, long boards, blankets, and music and head outside to enjoy the nice weather. There have been as many as fifty kids who sit on the hill and watch as soccer balls are kicked, Frisbees dived for, and music blasted. The environment is so friendly and warm, the people from Trinity seem to have smiles glued to their faces that scream anyone is welcome to join in on any of the activities going on.

2. The Amphitheater between MAT and Harris-Millis
In the beginning of the year, this was my absolute favorite place on campus. While sitting in the amphitheater anyone can get a gorgeous view of the mountains. When the sun finally started to peak through the clouds in early April, students had been seen claming spots on the stone seats to hang out, do homework, and socialize with friends.

3. The Fire Escape
The sunnier it gets the more likely there is to be a beautiful sunset. One of the more hidden places is the Fire Escape connected to Williams Hall. Climbing up to the top level of the fire escape gives the viewer a beautiful view of Lake Champlain and the UVM Campus. This bird’s eye view is a great place to capture the beauty of a sunset while hanging out with friends and being outside on a beautiful night.


4. The Redstone Green

With so many dorms surrounding the Redstone Green, no wonder it is a good place to hang out. The community that surrounds the green is warm and welcoming. On each sunny day you see people enjoying the sunshine, playing guitar, and lounging around. What a relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

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