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My Life Is GrUV: Appreciate What You Have With This Video

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” — Robert C. Gallagher

That inspiring quote actually came from my Orange Mango Honest Tea that I had been sipping earlier in the comfort of my heated dorm. At that same time, I was searching for a few spring new dresses online, even though I’ve already started a collection of my own in my closet, and eatting a pre-made salad which I didn’t even finish.

Normal, right? To our society, possibly. Then again we are an extremely wasteful country, and Olivia Zaleski from The Huffington Post pointed it out with images in “World Of Waste: America’s Mass Consumption In Images.”

We never consider the problem before acting, or at least It was never a conscious thought on my mind when buying my morning coffee or buying that new dress I know I don’t need. I thought of it as no big deal until the day I heard of a project that took the global population and shrunk it down to a more relative level.  The Miniature Earth Project puts out the idea of civilization including only 100 people, and what the world would be like in ratio to our current world. Check it out this video that’ll make you appriciate the world around you.

Click here to check out the 100 community.

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