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Maia, Scout, and Violet: The Nuclear Family, Reimagined

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By: Beth Dawkins

If you’re like me, you have found yourself recently obsessed with Maia Knight’s Tik Tok platform. Her twin daughters, Scout and Violet, are basically my main source of entertainment on the app. You may also know the twins as Pilot and Scott, Scotch and Vodka, or—my personal favorite—Salutatorian and Valedictorian. Maia’s fame originated from a video of her holding both girls in one arm while simultaneously making their “babas” (i.e., bottles). From there, her status of ordinary girlboss was overthrown: as of now, she has just shy of seven million followers. Over the past few months, viewers have been able to watch the girls grow while also falling in love with their relatable and hilarious mom. Maia is very transparent about her life, and I think that’s part of the reason why she is so likable. She has shared to millions that the twins were unplanned and that the “baby daddy”—as she calls him—ran for the hills, so he’s not in the picture. But thank goodness he did because these three ladies are unstoppable! 

Maia has, arguably, the hardest job there is: being a single mother. And a mother of twins, at that. It is no secret to viewers that Maia works her a** off. She doesn’t try to hide when she is exhausted from having to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, or when she has to strap both girls to her front and back to run errands. Without even trying, Maia provides really important representation for families that can relate to growing up with a single parent. In addition to her undeniable likeability and adorable daughters, she neglects to give mom-shamers the time of day. Fortunately, she has a huge fan base by her side to shut down anyone who gives her sh*t. 

Having followed Maia for quite some time now, I have loved the opportunity to watch Scout and Violet grow from babies to toddlers. As of late, they are teething and standing up on their own. Seldom do we go a few videos without seeing Maia make their bottles and hear the slap of their hands on the floor as they crawl into the kitchen to see what’s happening. So cute. 

Along with Maia’s Tik Tok, she has also recently started a YouTube channel; this happens to be perfect for fans like me who need more than short, one minute videos of the girls. Her recent uploads have included a Q and A, morning routine, and the twins’ birth story. Coincidentally, Scout and Violet were born at the University of Vermont’s very own Medical Center. Maia goes on to explain the incredible care that both her and the girls got at the hospital (the twins were premature and Maia had some birth complications). With context clues paired with snippets of Church street in a few videos, one can only hope to run into the family during their stay in Burlington.

**Edited by: Phoebe Cousens

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