How to Stay Festive and Positive During a Socially Distant Halloween

There’s no doubt Halloween will look different this year. Covid-19 has changed our lives in ways I hadn’t thought imaginable. If you had told me back in March that I would still be sitting in isolation long into October, I would have scoffed and called you crazy. For me, Halloweekend has always been my favorite time in college, and as a senior about to graduate, I’m feeling pretty bummed about not being able to celebrate like I have in the past, and just bummed about the state of the world in general. But just because we can’t roam around and attend fun Halloween themed house parties, doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we’re working with. So with that being said, here’s some things I’ll be doing this spooky season to get myself in the Halloween spirit.


1. Listen to some creepy podcasts

I am a big podcast girl. Whether I’m on a drive, in the gym, or cooking, odds are I have a podcast playing in the background. More often than not I find myself listening to podcasts centered around true crime, my favorite being, My Favorite Murder, hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. Their humor, contrasted with grittiness throughout the show, makes it the perfect creepy, but not too creepy, podcast to be listening to this fall. Plus, their tagline is “stay sexy and don’t get murdered,” which is beyond iconic. If you’re looking for a more story-driven podcast, I recommend Crime Junky hosted by Ashley Flowers, which also centers around true, and often unsolved crime. True crime, not your thing? Give Supernatural, which is also hosted by Ashley Flowers, a listen! If you’re anything like me, you’ll become completely encapsulated in the story, and be checking over your shoulder the whole time. 


2. Come up with a cute costume

We might not be attending any huge house parties with friends this Halloween, but this doesn’t mean we can’t plan a cute costume! I will be flaunting a black dress and a witch’s hat (very basic, I know) and taking some socially distant photos with friends. Make the costume easy and simple, like a pirate or a cat, or I even have a friend dressing up as a spy! Maybe it’s a little silly, but I think enjoying something a little frivolous and fun could be beneficial to all of us right now. So get creative and make a fun costume! Even if you’re just doing it for the ‘gram, it’ll be fun!


3. Watch some scary movies

I am not a big fan of horror movies, but Halloween is the perfect time to have a scary movie marathon. Netflix has some horror classics available right now, like Silence of the Lambs and Poltergeist. But, if you’ve seen all the classics, check out movies like Parasite or Midsommar, which are far too creepy for me to get through. If you’re like me, maybe stick to something more whimsical, like the Harry Potter series, or something funny and classic like Hocus Pocus! A movie marathon also gives you time to perform self-care, from face masks to painting your nails, this is essential in the midst of midterms season. 


4. Carve some pumpkins

The most classic Halloween tradition! If the weather is permitting, you could even manage to do this outside with some friends (at a distance, of course) or with your roommates! And make sure to save the seeds for roasting with some sea salt and garlic powder, which is better than the pumpkin carving if you ask me. 


5. Make a pumpkin-flavored snack or meal

I will be the first to admit that I don’t enjoy baking whatsoever. However, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I am fully willing to subject myself to hours of baking to eat some! Pumpkin doesn’t have to exist strictly in the realm of sweet treats. Take the opportunity this Halloween to try out a new pumpkin recipe, like Pumpkin-Ginger Waffles or Harvest Pumpkin Soup. It’s important to nourish yourself, so why not experiment with something new!


2020 has been a hard year for all of us. No one could have expected a huge pandemic to essentially put all of our lives on hold, indefinitely. Even though in the grand scheme of things, an abbreviated Halloween season isn’t the biggest deal, it’s okay to be a little disappointed. I know I feel that way, and I think it’s important to do little things that have the potential to make you smile amid this crazy year. So watch some scary movies, buy yourself a bag of chocolate, and try to make the most of Halloween 2020. Let’s hope next year we’ll all be out with our friends again.