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Hot & Healthy: Get Clear Skin for Summer

Counting down the days, summer is creeping up and it’s creeping up fast! Time for flowy dresses, scandalous nights, endless adventure, and glowing skin. Though many of us face a huge road block that can stop everything in its tracks: blemishes, breakouts and acne.

Follow these tips that can help cut down on breakouts and prevent them in the future!

  • Clean the inner rim of your sunglasses after each use. Oil tends to build up along the inner rim after each use, as it builds up the oil can collect in your pores causing break outs on the sides of your nose and lower forehead.
  • Clean your pillowcase regularly. All the hair products, make up and lotions collect on fabric of your pillow case, which can cause a sudden breakout on your cheeks and chin. Clean your pillow case almost weekly to keep pimples away.
  • Stay away from the iced coffee. Iced coffee has tons of sugar and creamer, which not only adds on fat and calories but also leads to bad skin if drank regularly. Switch to iced teas sweetened with small amounts of natural sugars, like honey.
  • Use honey to clear up a pimple. Honey acts as a natural antiseptic and kills the bateria that collect deep within the poors. Put a dab of honey on an upcoming pimple overnight and continue use 2-4 times a week.
  • Use a spot treatment. Run to the store and pick up a spot treatment that you can apply on the regular. We suggest Clean & Clear Spot Treeatment.
  • Moisturize everyday!
  • Go to the drug store and pick up a Vitamin E capsule for acne scars. Bust open the Vitamin E capsule and rup the oil over the post acne scar and voila!
  • Go on Birth Control. Birth control pills can help level your hormones and keep them balanced.
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