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Fashion Week Recap: Beauty Trends    

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

By Lila Simmons

Fashion and beauty trends are ever changing. Amidst the season of fashion week and brands showcasing their new collections for the upcoming seasons, we have been able to see many trends throughout New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week. While people are generally looking at the clothing being showcased, the hair and makeup of a look really pulls it together. Through watching the various shows and analyzing the looks, some major beauty trends have been identified across the board. Below, I’ve listed four of the major emerging beauty trends this season, we can be sure to see in the Spring season.

A Glossy Lip

The trend of the matte lip color has since long been overshadowed by plump, glossy lips. This trend has been circulating the media for some time now and seems like it’s here to stay. Whether it’s a clear glitter gloss, or has a slight tint, I am here for the trend. 

Textured Hair

In both Paris shows and NYC shows, models were seen rocking a soft, blown out, silky wave for an effortless look. Though achieving this bouncy look requires some form of effort, it sure doesn’t look like it does-wich is what we all want, right?. These waves are sure to be an upcoming trend in Spring 2024. 

Pops of Color

The no-makeup makeup look has been around for a while now-dewy skin and minimal eye shadow has certainly been a trend that I’ve loved participating in. This look stayed prominent in many shows this year, but another addition was the pop of color with either abstract eye shadow or a lip color. This bold choice adds something to a rather simplistic outfit, and is for sure to stand out. 

Return of The Side Part

A slicked down, deep side part was certainly apparent this fashion week. Models such as Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber were seen rocking this gelled look in Paris shows this fall. This style calls for a clean, sophisticated, modern look. It’s a style that’ll surely turn heads, and complete a look all together. 

Hi I'm Lila! I'm a sophomore studying Public Communication at UVM with a Dance minor! I enjoy reading, fashion, writing, listening to music, and going to the beach with friends!