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Emily Secor

Check out the interview questions and paintings from Emily Secor, one of UVM’s interesting and amazing artists!

Major- Natural Resources 

When did you first start becoming serious with painting? – My sophomore year of high school

Where is your favorite place to paint and why? – Harriman State Park in New York. There are many quiet places to be immersed in nature overlooking a wonderful view of Lake Chukawa

What is the most interesting piece of work that you’ve created off the top of your head? – My self portrait which is 6 feet by 6 feet that incorporates both paint and collage

Do you plan on continuing painting as a hobby or try to include it in your profession? How? – Yes, I will continue to paint and try to focus my work on only using reusable materials

What other types of art have you tried and why did you chose painting? – I’ve tried sculpting and using other 3D mediums. However, using more fluid materials such as paint and charcoal I find I am able to express myself more emotionally.

What are your hobbies outside of painting? – Getting caught in the rain, dancing the night away and shreddin the gnarr

How would your friends or family describe you? – Creative, environmentally friendly and as my Mom would say, “I’m the granola of the family.”

What inspirations do you use before creating a piece of work? – Good music like the Mumford & Sons Pandora station

What do you plan on doing after college? – Becoming a marine biologist, but still continue to paint as a hobby

What are the most common techniques and materials you use when painting? – I use heavy overlapping of paint, various materials like magazine and newspaper articles, flowers and game pieces

How would you describe your personal style? – Comfortable clothes with earthy tones. A normal day outfit includes ripped jeans, a flowy top and toms accessorized with many necklaces, a turquoise ring and a watch that doesn’t work with feathers and hair wraps in my hair

How would you describe your artistic style? – Bold and outgoing, yet realistic

Have you ever been in an art show/exhibit? If so, when and where? – Yes, I’ve not only been in school art shows, but my work has appeared in small art shows in coffee shops near my hometown

Who were your most important teachers (not just educators) throughout your experience with painting? – Hands down Mr. Kooistra, my favorite art teacher in high school who realized my potential and pushed me outside my comfort levels

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