Catherine Keefe

Name: Catherine Keefe

Year: Class of 2018

Major: Biology

Hometown: Hinesburg, VT

Activities: HerCampus Social Media Coordinator, Intramural Soccer

Relationship Status: Single


Describe Yourself in Three Words: Funny, Artistic, Bookish


Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Third Floor Library

Favorite Study Spot Off Campus: Muddy Waters

Favorite Dining Hall: New World Tortilla

Favorite Part of Burlington: The Waterfront

Favorite Place to Eat in Burlington: Pizzeria Verita


Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling

Biggest Pet Peeve: Chewing Sounds

Dream Date: Hiking and a low-key dinner

Deal Breakers: Picking at your nails

Guilty Pleasure Food: A Whole Box of Pasta with mad sauce and SmartGround Crumbles

Latest Netflix Addiction: Jane the Virgin


Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Summer or Fall: Fall

Skiing or Boarding: Skiing

Beach or Mountains: Mountains

Canoeing or Kayaking: Kayaking

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: Tumblr


Yay or Nay

Lord of the Rings: Yay

Crowds: Nay

Concerts: Yay

Plantain Chips: Never had them

Ben & Jerry’s: Yay

Reading: Yay

Disney Channel: Nay

Reality TV: Nay

Martha Stewart: Yay

Rock Climbing: Yay

Soda: Nay