Campus Cutie: Kari Chapman

Name: Kari ChapmanAge: 19Year:  SophomoreMajor:  Biological SciencesRelationship Status: dating cam lol

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken thus far?BCOR 102 with Nick Gotelli !!Why did you choose to attend UVM?The mountains/lake, the atmosphere, all around awesome peopleFavorite part about Burlington:Definitely the secluded naturey spots; Oak Ledge, Red Rocks, Bolton Potholes and suchAdvice for incoming freshman:Join a club! That's the best way to get to know people who have similar interestsWeirdest/Quirkiest thing about you:I sometimes play with stranger's hair when they aren't lookingFavorite dish to cook and/or eat:A really yummy pizza with green peppers, onions, pepperoni, and extra sauceIf you had one super power, what would it be?To fly !!Most listened to Pandora station:More of a spotify gal, but currently it's been The Devil Makes ThreeLatest Netflix addiction:Breaking Bad! (bandwagon)Favorite restaurant downtown:Ri-Ra's burgers. Mm.Most embarrassing moment:When the stranger caught me playing with their hair.Biggest turn on:Good sense of humorTurn offs:Timberlands, attention seekers, fratty boysBest date ever been on:Last year in the beginning of April I had been feeling very cabin feverish from the Vermont winter, and my now-boyfriend took me on a drive with the windows down on the first warm day and we blasted blink-182 and drove all around the mountains and stuff. Very smiley n stuff.Dream date: as in celebrity? or scenario?Celeb: Eddie RedmayneScenario: (if this was summertime) We'd go swimming in the lake then we'd get tasty burgers, then go to a really good concert of some sort.The one thing you want people to know about you:I always listen to Bob Marley and call my dad before every chemistry exam. Every time.