Campus Cutie: Federico Garau

Name:  Federico GarauAge:  21Year:  SeniorMajor:  Economics & Political ScienceRelationship Status: In a relationship

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken thus far?Econ160: Industrial Organization with professor LawWhy did you choose to attend UVM?Waterfront and ski areasFavorite part about Burlington:SputiesAdvice for incoming freshman:Get involved on campus, build a network, you're not paying $40,000 a year to sit in the libraryWeirdest/Quirkiest thing about you:I'm European, I have a bunch of things.Favorite dish to cook and/or eat:SaltinesIf you had one super power, what would it be?Being Tom BradyMost listened to Pandora station:Summer hits of the 90sLatest Netflix addiction:House of cardsFavorite restaurant downtown:El GatoMost embarrassing moment:During the night of my 20th birthday I fell on college street while sprinting down to my friends house and scraped both my arms from the hands to my elbows and the night after I had to show up to our formals in bandagesBiggest turn on:Being good at sportsTurn offs:Being sassy​​Dream date:End zone seats at a Patriots game