Campus Cutie: Cam Sweeney

Name: Cameron SweeneyAge: 21Year: 2015Major: Environmental Studies (Ecology and Conservation)/ Forestry MinorRelationship Status: In a relationship

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken thus far?Wilderness First Responder or Earth Hazards

Why did you choose to attend UVM?I visited a bunch of colleges while in high school, and during every tour I took it rained. UVM was the only tour I took where it was sunny that day. And UVM also accepted me, which helped me in choosing UVM over any another school.Favorite part about Burlington:People watching.Advice for incoming freshman:Sit in the back shadows of the classroom and pretend to be hard at work to avoid being cold called.Weirdest/Quirkiest thing about you:Any time I come across a relatively small sized dead animal (squirrels, birds, snakes, etc.) I like to take them home and keep them in my freezer. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with them, but it’s nice to know that I have them in there. Just in case.

Favorite dish to cook and/or eat:It used to be a 6-egg burrito with cheese and half an onion, but I the overwhelming smell of the onion carried with me throughout the day. So I had to stop. Now I usually just settle for regular old eggs on a bagel with cream cheese.

If you had one super power, what would it be?Stopping time. It has all the benefits of invisibility, but better. 

Most listened to Pandora station:The Devil Makes ThreeLatest Netflix addiction:Top GearFavorite restaurant downtown:AlesMost awkward moment:This past summer, I had a wart growing on my knee. I wanted to get it removed, so my mom dropped me off at some place. That’s the only way I can describe it. When I got there, no one was in the waiting room. Great! So I went into the Doctors office the nurse told me to sit down anywhere (the choices were a stool, chair or table), so I did on the stool. She immediately told me that I sat in her seat, so I had to move. She then told me to get undressed and lay on the table to wait for the doctor. The doctor came, but it wasn’t just him. He had three, 40ish year old Middle Eastern men, who barely spoke English. The doctor said that these were medical students who were going to do the procedure. As I lay on the table, completely naked, the three men proceeded to all at once inspect my entire body, every crevice, while the doctor read a magazine. After that, one of the men kept poking my knee with a syringe, and in broken English asking if I could feel it. I could. Then one of the other men grabbed a razor blade, which was certainly not medical grade and cut off the wart and put it in a little container. They all left after that. The nurse came back in and told me to get dressed and that I was done. Didn’t have to pay or anything, which I guess is a plus. Thanks mom.Biggest turn on:in good shape, sense of humor, common sense, and doesn’t restrict me from doing what I want.Turn offs:People who get offended easily, extreme social justice warriors, people who don’t understand comedy, terrorists, hippies, 4/20 dabbin’ stoners, high wasted pants, drawn on eyebrows, goat agents, half-shaved heads, intense social media users, eye brow piercings, clogs, neediness.

Best date ever been on:Exploring a pitch-black cavern 200 feet under ground with nothing but a candle lantern.Dream date:Exploring a pitch-black cavern 200 feet under ground with nothing but a candle lantern with Riff Raff or Snoop Dog explaining the geology to us.

The one thing you want people to know about you:I am a firm believer that there are a small group of people much higher than the president (not lizard people) controlling the government and economy, that the physics outside of our galaxy might not be the same as our physics, that some sort of apocalyptic event will happened within our lifetime, and that the Tunnel Snakes rule.