Campus Celeb: Stirling DuBois

LS: Okay! We’ll start off easy, what is your favorite thing about UVM?


Mason West: Favorite thing about UVM is the culture. You can be your own person here, which I love and people come from all over. I'm not a hippy by any means, I know I get stereotyped that way but it's really just not the case. Plus Burlington gives me the campus plus city feel that I wanted originally at like NYU, which was my top school. Along with the culture people are huge on music here, not necessarily rap so I have to find those people myself but everyone is enriched


LS: What’s one fun fact about yourself?


Mason West: I lived in New England for most my life but originally born in Atlanta, Ga


LS: Do you have any music inspirations?


Mason West: Music inspirations vary but I'm heavy into indie hip hop/rap and alternative Examples: Coldplay, Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, The Killers, Kid Cudi, Jon Bellion and Pop stuff from like the 60's


LS: I saw you are from Newtown, CT where the tragic Sandy Hook shooting took place. Did that tragedy influence your music at all?


Mason West: Sandy Hook tragedy was a huge influence on my music. I actually decided I was gonna do this the day it happened on my train ride home. I was thinking people would need a outlet to go to plus something I could have as an outlet myself to get over everything I've faced. It sucked cause it started as a extreme joke for some and my music wasn't good at all to start but meeting the right people, hiring a manager and really understanding what type of lane I have in rap really steered me right. I've methodically followed how so many people rhyme, delivery wise, play on words etc. and really building something. Same people who saw it as a joke now see me as a viable dude going forward which makes it all worthwhile just taking criticism and making it


LS: What else inspires your music?


Mason West: What inspires my music is a lot of things basically all the adversity in my life cause I loss my mom at a young age plus just general my day to day with people inspire me and all the simple things from falling for someone or breaking up and all the intricacies of life. I also get inspired to prove people wrong everyday and to show that you don't have to have a generic desk job life. Trying to do this full time at some point


LS: Lastly, I’m very curious… how did you choose to use the name Stirling DuBois?


Mason West: I chose Stirling DuBois because Stirling is actually my middle name and I originally just went by that but my branding thought I needed a last name to go with it. I'm really French Canadian and wanted something that rolled off the tongue. "Du Bois" means (of the woods) and its wine I've drank before haha so I digged it since what I'm trying to build is very organic in nature


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Also, Stirling will be opening for Cam Meekins at Higher Ground February 18th!