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By: Evan Kaplow-Healy

The most important part of the official back-to-school season is by far the shopping. The annual shopping run to the office supply store to pick up pencils and highlighters is exhilarating, but nothing is more exciting and intimidating than back-to-school fashion. What do I wear when it is crisp and chilly in the morning, but muggy and dense in the afternoon? How do I look cute, but without “trying too hard”? And the most challenging question: what is missing from my wardrobe?

Ballet flats have been revived. The most controversial fashion piece that I don’t think anyone saw coming (minus the Tik Tok witches who accurately predict fashion trends before every season). Not only are ballet flats alive again, but they have simultaneously been reincarnated in the form of big, chunky loafers. For those who are confused by what I mean by ballet flats, here is the official definition according to Oxford Languages: a light, round-toed shoe with very flat heels for women or girls, resembling the type worn by ballet dancers.I would not classify the ballet flats as an everyday shoe – this season’s hot “new” item requires a specific look book. My favorite ballet flat inspiration has come from the one and only Audrey Peters, who, if you are not familiar, is the princess of luxury fashion, shoes, and bags. She has single-handedly played an enormous role in the revival of the ballet flat. It is important to mention that she seems to have an unlimited budget, and her ballet flats are most definitely not J. Crew but rather Chanel. She is, dare I say, the queen of the hot girl walking down Madison Avenue or Avenue des Champs-Élysées in said Chanel ballet flats. We all can’t be like her, but we can try!

I have asked almost every person in my social circle what their take is on the new, or, returned trends of the ballet flat. Responses have been polarizing:

My roommate, and totally cozy chic friend, Lillian said, “… Some people really like them.” Which was completely out of leftfield, and I was in shock! I thought that by far Lillian would be the one to be on board with me.

Casey had quite the enthusiastic response when I shared the news with her. “I had to wear ballet flats every day for work this summer, I am so surprised they’re coming back because I would rather take a knife to my ankles and slice my feet off than wear ballet flats again.” Well, we have different opinions.

Molly, in true Molly fashion, is excited about the returning trend. “I think they’re soooooo cute, I love ballet flats!” Thank you, Molly, for your positivity.

There is incredible potential for this trend, but unfortunately not everyone is as excited as Molly. I felt as though it was necessary to do some research for a good ballet flat. Steve Madden and Sam Edelman are all fantastic places to start for the search of the perfect ballet flat of fall 2022. The Marisol Flat by Sam Edelman fits the part, with ample beautiful colors to choose from, they are unique and the perfect example of a great flat. Steve Madden’s assortment of loafers and flats is more than adequate, with options in almost every color, fabric, and choice of embellishment.

Whether or not you are a ballet flat supporter, they are back in style and they might here to stay. Get your Audrey Peters outfit on, perfectly tied together with your new ballet flats and hit the town.

*Edited by Abigail Simanjuntak

Evan Kaplow-Healy is currently a junior at the University of Vermont studying Community Entrepreneurship. She is beyond excited to be able to contribute to HerCampus at UVM. Evan is also a member of the Vermont Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi, and is excited to share her work with the UVM community.