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A Brief Review of Bridgerton, Season 2

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For those of you who tuned into the first season of Bridgerton, you may recall the majority of the season surrounding Daphne's quest for love. To sum up, she ends up with the Duke of Hastings, Simon. With wraps on season 1, there also was the uncovering of Lady Whistledown: Penelope Featherington. While I had very little complaints of the first season, the second focused on more than just losing your innocence and finding love. In my opinion, the second season might just give the first a run for its money. That being said, I will be reviewing the highlights of the season (no pun intended). 

The Bridgerton Family: We get a little more background about the Bridgerton family this season. Benedict picks up painting, somewhat professionally. He later finds that Anthony paid his way into the painting program, which pushes him to drop out. Colin returns from his travels in Greece and basically has nothing else to talk about (and his family doesn't let him off the hook for it either). As for Daphne, she is basically nowhere to be found (she makes a total of, like, 3 guest appearances. BOO!). 

Kate and Edwina: The Sharma sisters are the newest arrivals in Mayfair. It took me a while to warm up to Kate, but I think her personality fits perfectly in this show. Her half-sister, Edwina, is named the "Diamond of the Season'' by Her Majesty, the Queen; and Kate will see to it that she is wed by the end. That is, unless she were to fall in love with Edwina's suitor, the viscount. When Edwina finds out—albeit on her wedding day—that her husband-to-be and her sister were/are very much in love, it was all downhill from there. Fortunately, they were able to mend their relationship by the end, but it was rocky for a while. 

Kate and Anthony: Enemies to lovers, constantly eye fu**ing from across the room: These two are a mess. I think we all knew from the start how this was going to end. Yet we still got whiplash. Anthony is adamant he is not in search of love, just a woman to carry on the name and bear his children. Kate is adamant that she will not do anything for herself unless her mother and Edwina are taken care of first. Well, we see how that ended. Love does crazy things, doesn't it? And by crazy I mean having sex out on a garden terrace by candlelight. Very classy. The last scene of the final episode of the second season shows the two—post-honeymoon—and they are very happy. Will this last? It may be too good to be true. 

Eloise and Penelope: Their friendship has endured a lot. As far best friends go, they share everything- except only the biggest secret of all: The fact that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. As Eloise continues her search for the OG Gossip Girl of Mayfair, Penelope must cover her tracks a little bit better. In one of the last episodes, though, Eloise does in fact uncover Penolpe's true identity. According to Eloise, they will never speak or see each other again. Regardless of this threat, Penelope picks up the quill, once again. Old habits die hard, I guess. 

Theo and Eloise: This is perhaps my favorite pairing of the series. Eloise's quest for women's rights and female empowerment is met with a boy who finds himself interested in her intellectual charisma as well as her interest to break barriers for women. The fact that their relationship is so socially unacceptable makes it so much more exciting. Private meetups, exchanged hand-touches, oh my! The unlabeled relationship (Friendship? More? We don't know) is cut short when Eloise is accused of being Lady Whistledown. Here's to hoping this blossoms into something more in the third season. 

Penelope and Colin: Are we sensing the beginning of something more than a friendship? Unsure. I am really not certain how I feel about this pairing. Especially now that Eloise refuses to ever speak to Penelope again. Maybe it's not the best time to pursue her brother? Just an idea. Only time will tell how this ends up. 

Porcia Featherington and Cousin Jack: The new Lord Featherington also makes an appearance this season. We can sum up his character in essentially two words: Fraud and manipulation. He starts off not so hot and also finds himself engaged to his niece. Enough said. By the end of the season, Porcia and Jack have teamed up to collect investments, take the money, and run. Jack begins to hit on Porcia, which is cut short when Porcia realizes her worth and that she doesn't actually give a single sh*t about Jack. Good on ya, Porcia. 

**Edited by: Isabella Ley

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