6 Ways To Know If Your College Best Friend Is A Friend For Life

You finish each other's assignments

Before you even start your own, you know you are going to help your best friend finish their homework, even when you have zero clue about their class or major. You go to the library to study with them and hang out in the cyber cafe, while trying to be productive in getting both your assignments done. You have NO motivation to get anything done if they aren't sitting next to you and complaining  about work, or encouraging you to get it done!


Karaoke day is everyday

You shamelessly belt out “Blink 182” and “Milkshake” for no reason. You could care less if they think you’re crazy. You both know neither of you can hit the right pitch to save your life, but you scream the wrong lyrics together anyways.

Just show up in each other's room

Long day from practice to class to study sessions and you walk into your dorm to relax. Of course your best friend is waiting for you in your bean bag, because they know your schedule inside and out and HAVE to tell you about their terrible day too. No need to text, snap, or call before you show up for breakfast the next morning, you're expected to be there anyways. 

You go half way across the country to visit each other 

Austin to Boston? No problem! No distance is too far to keep you two apart all summer. Road trip to see your best friend? Yes please! They of course mailed you a mixtape and shared their spotify playlist with you to make that drive go by so much faster. When you get to their house (finally), their family welcomes you like you are their long lost child. You always have a second home with them. 

Borrow stuff without asking 

“Nice shirt where’d you get that? I have the same one!” No, that shirt is definitely mine. But it is totally a-okay because my wardrobe is also half of their clothes that looks good on me too. Need a dress for formal? Sneakers to run to the gym? No problem just take a little shopping trip to your best friends dorm closet for all your wardrobe needs! You don’t bother asking because you already know they will say yes. But, like the good friend you are, you always return it washed and dried with love.

They have a toothbrush at your dorm 

Impromptu sleepovers after binge watching Walking Dead are more than a weekly occurrence. On your side of the sink you find your toothbrush, floss, and oh ya, your best friends toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss sticks too! They are always prepared to spend the night cuddling up in your twin bed with you. 


Can actually make you feel better

Nobody knows you better than you, and your best friend. They actually know how to make yours stop crying over the 75 you got on your Environmental Studies exam. They know your favorite snacks and will have them ready when they get your sobbing call at 9pm. Knowing you have a best friend who understands you and your struggles is just one of the many reasons you love them.