6 Secrets of Long-Distance Relationships

Should you keep your high school BF in college?

1. Things are not as perfect as they seem on Instagram:

Relationships take a lot of work, especially if you cannot see your significant other for a while. If you and your S.O. are one of those couples that need to see each other every day, it may be worth considering whether continuing your relationship into college is worth all the stress, time, and effort. Social media only presents a biased side of any relationship. All your older friends who seem to have had a perfect transition into college with their S.O. are most likely struggling to keep the relationship alive. If you are having trouble too, don’t worry. You are not alone. A picture is only a snapshot of a long, complex movie. 

2. Trust is key:

College is where you are introduced to so many new things: classes, cool clubs, and tons of people. You will make new friends, many of which will be boys, and your boyfriend will make friends that are girls. If you trust each other and have enough faith, you should will be fine. That being said, this is an extremely hard situation to reconcile with if you get jealous easily. Just make sure you are both honest; it will make things 100x easier.  

3. That being said, when you get a gut feeling that something is sketchy, don’t ignore it:

People are not perfect, and certainly not always fair. The best thing to do if something does not seem right to you is to ask them about it. Clear, calm, and concise; three things you want to be when confronting your S.O. It is important to try to not jump to any conclusions, as your interpretation may not always be the correct one. 

4. Pick your battles:

Not everything is worth fighting over. It is important to understand that happiness in a relationship fluctuates. It is normal to become slightly more on-edge before you leave for college, but it is something that you both will need to work through. Try to take a step back and look at situations without bias. You will see that some minor things are not worth the stress and time being upset with him. 

5. Time makes the heart grow fonder:

Knowing you have a relaxing, fun weekend with your babe ahead makes the week go by so much faster. College is so big, and everyone always has their own agenda. It’s so nice to be the full attention of someone who absolutely adores you. When you do see each other, your feelings will be more intense than ever. Being away from your S.O. for so long makes you appreciate their presence and make the most of the time you have with them. 

6. If it is meant to be, it will be:

This is a saying that a wise woman has told me time and time again (thanks mom!): There is no need to worry about what you cannot control. Just enjoy the present and have fun! You made it; all your hard work has finally paid off and here you are in college. Focus on the positive and it will not only make your experience better, but your relationship more enjoyable also. In the end, if you and your S.O. make it through this trying time, you will emerge even stronger