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6 Dorm and Apartment Décor Staples that will transform your living space

Seriously though: have you spent most of your summer thinking about what your dorm/apartment room is going to look like? The color? The texture? The shape? Did you just find out that there are more themes to consider that you even knew to expect? When you come across a cute room on Pinterest, I can assure you, the people who decorated those rooms considered all of those themes and more to create a space so picturesque! 


Considering you will be decorating a dorm/apartment for at least four years, it’s important to shop for staples that will last you a long time, are practical and pieces you love that will keep your rooms looking cute and comfy for years to come!


Pick your color scheme

Yasmine Boheas
Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash


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Whether its , stripes, solids or rainbow, a color scheme makes a room cozier, more aesthetically pleasing and stylish. In this photo, the color scheme is white and beige, with cheetah accents. Choosing 1 or 2 solid colors with maybe an accent color is typical, and will keep the room looking simplistic and well organized. A colorful room isn’t always a stylish room, but learning how to pair colors and patterns well and decorate properly will make all the difference in the upcoming dorm decorating season!


Lots of Lights

Bedroom Bulb Interior Decoration Lamp
Burst / Pexels

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A simple concept, but a drastic change: fairy lights will transform a room into a dreamland! The delicate and calming appearance of fairy lights gives off the coziest vibes! So, make sure to load up on string lights and hang them wherever you see fit in your space!


Keep a shape theme

Minh Pham
Minh Pham / Unsplash

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Whether its rounded or squared, it’s important to decide which shapes you like to see around your room. Rounded edges are more relaxed, less harsh, and give off a cozier vibe. Square edges are more organized, clean cut and precise. In this photo above, you will see an example of a room that has more clean-cut edges, with squared off furniture and harsh edges that gives a clean look to the room! Pick your look and stick to it!


Mirror on the Wall(s)!

Oval Brown Wooden Framed Hanging Mirror
Nadine Wuchenauer / Pexels


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A little fun fact many people don’t know about mirrors is they have an incredible ability to reflect beautiful images of you! True, but in all seriousness, they open up a room like nothing else. Being given a small space in college isn’t unlikely, and the easiest way to make your room feel bigger is filling it with mirrors. Not only will this reflect natural light to brighten your room and the colors inside of it, but it will make the room actually FEEL larger! Crazy, I know!


Lounge Chair

House Interior Photo
John Tekeridis / Pexels

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Finding a comfy lounge chair to stick in your space will really make a difference when having people over or wanting to do work in your room. Dorm beds are often hard to sit up in, and desks are often cluttered with lots of stuff. Having a comfy lounge chair to read a book or work on your laptop on is ideal! It’s also great when people come over to hang out and watch a movie, more seating = more comfy people!


Load up on the little things!

June Liu
June Liu / Unsplash

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A lot of people avoid buying too many of the little things because they’re worried it will clutter their room and make it look too messy and overloaded. Knowing how to shop for your theme, buying within reason, and organizing them correctly and nicely on your wall makes it possible to get whatever you want to put up! This photo is an example of a dorm that has lots of small decorations hanging around making the room look sweet, simplistic and keeping its charm intact.


Overall, whether you’re entering your first year, or moving into your first apartment, everyone wants a space to come back to that feels special to them. Following these guidelines will allow you to achieve a Pinterest-worthy room that you’ll be excited to spend time in. So, pull up your laptop and get shopping!!

Hello everyone! I am a junior Public Communications major at UVM with a passion for fashion and interior design.
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