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4 Ways to Refashion your Wardrobe


We all know that keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be incredibly expensive, especially for us college students! Also, buying from stores that sell fast fashion clothing can have major repercussions for the environment. For those who don’t know what fast fashion is, it is, for the most part, cheap clothing that are sampled from styles on the runway sold at affordable prices. However, keeping up with fast fashion by constantly purchasing, then getting rid of these clothing items, costs the environment a lot. In 2014, 10.46 million tons of clothing ended up in US landfills according to EKOenergy. However, I understand the pressure to stay in style and still be on a budget. That’s why I have created a list of some ways to refashion the clothes you already have to match the current trends! (And something to keep your mind occupied if you’re bored).

1. Painting your jeans.

If you have a pair of jean shorts that you usually leave to the side, maybe try painting them! Painting the back pockets of jean shorts is a great way to change the style of your shorts while not having to purchase a new pair! Here is an example of what I did below to a pair of my shorts last summer. You can paint anything you want!DIY shortsI recommend taping around the pocket to avoid getting paint on the rest of the shorts. I also painted the pocket fully white first (as shown above) to ensure that the colors came out as vividly as possible.

DIY shorts


2. Making a tube top. (no sewing needed!)

Another super easy way to refashion a piece of your clothing is turning a t-shirt or a skirt into a tube top! The picture on the right is of a tube top I created from a long skirt that I found in the back of the closet from when I was probably in middle school! You can also create a tube top from an old t-shirt you have lying around. If you are interested in doing this, I recommend clicking the hyperlink below which will bring you to a YouTube video that shows you how to make a no sew tube top in a short amount of time, from just an old t-shirt!

DIY shirt


3. Crop a tank top.

If you have any extra tank tops you can also crop these to make into a cute crop tank top like the ones sold at most fast fashion stores. (If you are like me and like instant gratification from your projects, these are the perfect refashioning projects for you!)

DIY shirt

4. Give your skinny jeans an added POP!

You can refashion that extra pair of skinny jeans laying in your closet by adding a piece of fabric to the cuff of your jeans to give it a different style! If you are interested in trying this, feel free to click the hyperlink below which will take you to an easy-to-follow article that will describe how to do this! (P.S. the sewing in this project is not strenuous and does not require a machine so I recommend that everyone tries!) DIY Fabric Cuff Jeans (They're so Easy!)



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