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3 Ways to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected during #FinalSzn

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: there is no way to say cool, calm and collected during finals season because it’s so darn stressful! Having been through many, many semesters of finals, I thought I would share the best tips and tricks that help me stay focused, relaxed and feeling good during this week!


The Faux Fireplace

Alisa Anton U_Z0X
Alisa Anton / Unsplash

First, it’s important to set a calm mood in the space you’re studying. A cozy, relaxing vibe can really help you get into the right mindset. The first thing I do is go to a room with a TV or a fireplace, then light the fire!

Not literally, on your TV at least, but fireplace noises and lights have been associated with relaxation since the stone ages! It has always helped me stay relaxed.


The Sweetest Sounds

Cameron Smith-Water Beach Waves Abroad Spain Barcelona Europe Sunny
Cameron Smith / Her Campus

Second, it’s important to have the right sounds playing around you. Now whether you want to put yourself in a really quiet place, or make the perfect playlist for your study session, having noises that encourage brain function are really important! Personally, I like to listen to ocean sounds or a calm, low tone piano composition! I have found that these are the best noises, along with the crackling of a fireplace, to put my head in the right space for studying!


The Perfect Timing

girl sleeping in black and white
Kinga Cichewicz

Third and lastly, it’s important that you pick the right time for you to study. If you haven’t had enough to eat or sleep that day, it’s best to address those needs before beginning your studies. Recognizing when the best time to study for your body and your brain is important. Treating yourself right and taking care of yourself with adequate food, rest, relaxation and sleep is important if you want to succeed in studying and taking your finals! #selfcare

Hello everyone! I am a junior Public Communications major at UVM with a passion for fashion and interior design.
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