Winter/Spring 2019 Movie Preview

The commencement of February means new movies coming to theaters! I’m a huge movie buff, and I like to scope out the movies that are coming out in the next few months. Here’s a preview of some of the most anticipated films coming out soon, including the ones I’m most excited to see!


1. Isn’t it Romantic

Ok, ok I’ll admit - I’m obsessed with Rebel Wilson and will watch just about any movie that she’s in. Plus, the premise is a mock on romantic comedies. Looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day flick if you ask me!


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2. Captain Marvel

I saw the preview for Captain Marvel when I visited the movie theater recently, and boy did it give me chills. I have been an avid fan of Marvel movies since the Iron Man days and I have been waiting long and hard for this one. This is also Marvel’s first female led superhero film, so for that reason alone you should support it!

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3. What Men Want

    Do yourself a favor and watch. The. trailer. Taraji P. Henson’s    character lives in a male-dominated world, and when she visits a psychic, she wakes up the next day able to hear what all men are thinking. What Men Want looks killer. I’ll be first in line at the Alamo for this flick.


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